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Compare the Top Workforce Management Software of 2020

高清看男人插曲女人视频 Compare the best Workforce Management software currently available using the table below.

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    Resource Guru Icon

    Resource Guru

    高清看男人插曲女人视频Resource Guru

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Resource Guru offers a fast and simple way of scheduling, people, equipment, and other resources online. Designed to replace clunky, old scheduling spreadsheets, Resource Guru helps managers get organized fast. The platform covers resource planning, resource scheduling, resource management, staff leave management, reporting, and more. Resource Guru is available for as low as $2.50 per person/month.

    Starting Price: $2.50/month/user
  • 2
    Shortlist Icon



    Shortlist is the smartest, fastest way to onboard, organize, and pay your freelancer network. Our Freelance Management platform is used by over 70,000 users and the world’s largest brands to streamline and grow their businesses. We help companies of all sizes scale, manage, and pay their remote workforce on a single platform. We are focused on the end to end lifecycle, helping you source, onboard, engage and pay your freelancers.

  • 3
    Calamari Icon



    Calamari is a simple, but web and mobile system for leave and attendance management. The platform is divided into two modules, so businesses only pay for what they need. The Clock-in and Clock-out module utilizes QR scanning and Bluetooth devices in conjunction with the mobile app to measure work time hours and sends alert about late arrivals, unexpected absences, and other abuses. The Leave Management module creates absence calendars for employees and can automate absence allowance based on company policy. It's integrated with Slack, GSuite, JIRA, Office365, iMac Calendar, MS Excel.

    Starting Price: $1.00/month/user
  • 4
    CakeHR Icon


    HR Bakery

    CakeHR is an award-winning, SaaS-based HR system that relies on the self-service model to simplify HR. Coupling intuitive design and ease of navigation with a robust set of required features, CakeHR is the perfect mix of accessibility and functionality for SMEs. With CakeHR small and medium businesses can enjoy 360 feedback, goal tracking, expense overviews, employee scheduling, recruiting and strong, visual reporting – from one dashboard. Using CakeHR leads to a direct decrease in the frequency of emails, a spike in employee efficiency through automation tools and a boost in engagement thanks to organizational transparency. Comes with Android and iOS applications.

    Starting Price: $4.20/month/user Partner badge
  • 5
    Noviqu Ensight Icon

    Noviqu Ensight


    We help manufacturers realize the true potential of their most important asset, people. By providing a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the people and equipment in the facility our customers can reduce cost, decrease downtime and increase revenue and profit margins. We combine safety, maintenance, quality, training, and work into one complete platform that integrates with existing tools and ERP's to create a better overall picture of the facility. By utilizing our product employees are better trained, more informed, all while increasing transparency of the facility to managers.

    Starting Price: $300/month/facility
  • 6
    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software Icon

    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

    高清看男人插曲女人视频BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software with Vendor Management allows users to take control of their productivity, labor costs and more. A truly vendor neutral software as a service with integration-ready recruiting functionality, staff and nurse scheduling, competency testing, compliance and credential management, payroll, invoicing, time logs and attendance, custom dashboards, in-depth reporting at your fingertips, permission control and more to make your life a little more streamlined.

  • 7
    MobileHR Icon


    Mobile HR

    MobileHR is the first and only 100% mobile HR APP designed for small US businesses (<100 employees recommended) that puts management of your company’s key HR functions in the palm of your hand. Literally. Built from the ground up for all mobile phones and tablets, MobileHR is everywhere you or your employees are. It will replace all of your paper files and spreadsheets, save you time and money, and simplify the time-consuming task of managing everything HR. The Startup Wizard and video tutorials make getting up and running so easy, you can have your company setup the same day, even if you’re not an HR expert. No software to install or manage – just download the APP from your mobile store. With MobileHR, you can collect, maintain and manage employee data, track time and attendance, monitor paid time off, manage employee benefits, feed payroll data directly to your payroll processor, upload employee documents, and more.

    Starting Price: $74.99 per month
  • 8
    Liveforce Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Temporary Workforce Management Made Simple. A new and better way to schedule, manage and pay your temporary workers.

    Starting Price: £125/month
  • 9
    knowbly Icon


    Knowbly Learning Systems

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 knowbly is a cloud based rapid authoring suite designed so anyone can quickly create engaging, responsive, interactive courses or individual learning objects. Create, manage, and enhance your learning with interactivity, in the cloud, and without the hassle. Author responsive and instructional training content without a line of code. Create and modify course structure, build custom themes, and design with ease. Leverage a library of millions of stock assets for use in your training. Manage and collaborate with your team while creating and reviewing your learning materials. Update anytime and publish in multiple formats, including: SCORM formats or as a standard HTML5 web package. All major browsers are supported. Send it to your LMS or serve it directly on the web. Cross-browser support means never having to compromise.

    Starting Price: $395 year
  • 10
    ADP Workforce Now Icon

    ADP Workforce Now


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 All in one, not one size fits all. Do you have too many systems and processes for managing employees? Manual data entry, piles of payroll paperwork and poor integration across systems result in lost productivity and compliance errors. ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based platform for HR management software, where you can easily manage all of your HR functions — payroll, HR management, workforce management, talent, and benefits — and gain insights across them all. Quickly and accurately process payroll and equip your employees with anytime, anywhere self-service access to their information. ADP Workforce Now® Payroll is the best-in-class, affordable solution that makes payroll and tax filing easy. It’s engineered to help support compliance obligations and is ready to scale as your business grows. See how ADP Workforce Now provides everything you need to get payroll right.

  • 11
    SINC Workforce Icon

    SINC Workforce


    With SINC in your digital toolbox, you have an accurate, single source of truth for: - Tracking staff hours at the shift, job and cost code level - Staff movements while working - Running payroll quickly and accurately - Reporting on labor costs and production tracking - Managing tasks and project punch lists - Shift and job notes for effective company-wide communication - Improving job profitability - Calculating accurate and transparent overtime hours - Scheduling your workforce to reduce no-shows

    Starting Price: $14.99 per month
  • 12


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 provides everything you need to track time and expenses in a single, powerful solution. Our easy-to-use service can track billable time, time for payroll, time-off, expenses and HR documents. Perfect for any small to mid-sized business, can be setup in minutes and comes with free, unlimited live support by phone, email or chat. Try us for free today.

    Starting Price: $4.50 per user per month.
  • 13
    BambooHR Icon



    Focus on people, not processes with BambooHR. An award-winning HR software for small and medium sized businesses, BambooHR lets companies eliminate the use of spreadsheets and other manual, error-prone tools and processes for managing people. The platform features applicant tracking, employee self onboarding, time-off tracking, employee database and records, HR reporting, custom workflows, and electronic signatures.

  • 14
    HR Partner Icon

    HR Partner

    HR Partner

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Eliminate time-consuming manual HR tasks with HR Partner, a vacation and sick time tracking solution. HR Partner centralizes employee time off, documents, recruitment, and onboarding in one place to avoid costly mistakes. Employees can easily submit leave requests through HR Partner and are automatically submitted to their managers. Smart and easy to use, HR is able to publish jobs via HR Partner and allow candidates to apply directly.

    Starting Price: $30.00/month
  • 15
    Zoho People Icon

    Zoho People


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Build a happier workforce with Zoho People, an affordable on-demand HR software solution for companies of all sizes. Zoho People offers businesses the tools they need in order to take care of their most important asset. It comes with employee onboarding, attendance management, time tracking, and appraisal tools. The platform also lets business users manage all their HR and benefits programs from a single location.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month/user
  • 16
    Jibble Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Jibble is a robust Time & Attendance Management system for teams of all sizes, designed to help business get a full grip on how staff is more productive. With a robust cloud-based system, staff members can upload 'selfies' to clock in, which then trigger immediate notifications for administrators. With automated reporting, payroll calculations are streamlined and process much faster.

    Starting Price: $2.00/month/user
  • 17 Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 is a modern Staff Time Management system which helps owners and admins keep track of employee work hours. Administrators can easily keep track of every employee clock-ins onsite or via the cloud-based web portal. The software also has built-in time sheets that can easily be approved or edited, exported to payroll services and accouning software. The intuitive dashboard also allows admin users to monitor and respond to PTO requests, Vacation and sick time off. In addition, the system alerts will notify business leaders if employees miss punch times.

    Starting Price: $7.50/month/user
  • 18
    SutiHR Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 SutiHR by SutiSoft brings an efficient and comprehensive HR Management software to small and medium-size organizations that have reached a point where spreadsheets and emails have become stagnant to the operations. SutiHR provides a complete end-to-end human resources platform with a selection of feature-rich tools that are metric driven. Admin users can have a better performance outlook on an enterprise-wide level through the in-app Leave & Time Off manager, applicant onboarding, and Compliance automated reporting. Current team members performance assessments are also streamlined by measuring past completed tasks, attendance, and completed training hours, with the use of the data-driven extensive reporting and analytics module.

    Starting Price: $2.00/month/user
  • 19
    Shiftboard Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Shiftboard is a workforce management solution designed for hourly workers. Trusted by over 60,000 teams, Shiftboard is a cloud-based solution for managing labor costs, optimizing schedules, simplifying time and attendance, and handling the unexpected. Its top capabilities include time and attendance, applicant tracking, workforce communication, and advanced onboarding.

    Starting Price: $2.00/month/user
  • 20
    myhrtoolkit HR software Icon

    myhrtoolkit HR software


    Make HR administration easy with myhrtoolkit, a simple HR software platform that delivers on the essentials. Ideal for small to mid-sized enterprises, myhrtoolkit offers easy-to-use human resource management tools that streamline and automate time-consuming and laborious HR functions, saving HR teams time, money, and effort. Top features include leave management (for absences and holidays), document sharing and storing, HR reporting, training management, and more. Self-service functionality helps free up time spent on administrative tasks, as staff can update their own details in a timely manner. Automation tools also help managers and system administrators keep everything up to date, such as holiday entitlements, Bradford Factor scores, document renewals, and appraisal cycles. Reduce the HR admin burden and spend more time on the aspects of staff management, engagement and retainment that really matter for your organisation.

    Starting Price: £15.00/month
  • 21
    KashFlow HR Icon

    KashFlow HR

    高清看男人插曲女人视频KashFlow Software

    KashFlow HR is a cloud-based human resource (HR) and employee management solution designed for small businesses. KashFlow HR contains all the essential tools small business owners and HR professionals need to streamline and modernize human resource management and keep their workload under control. Top features include employee self service, employee directory, vacation requests, training monitoring, and more.

    Starting Price: $2.00/month/user
  • 22
    Synchroteam Icon



    Manage your mobile workers more efficiently, control costs, and simplify business processes with Synchroteam, a cloud-based field service management solution. Synchroteam is a complete, feature-rich, and customizable solution suitable for field service businesses of all types and sizes. It covers scheduling and dispatch, mapping and GPS tracking, job management and reporting, inventory management, invoicing, field service CRM, and more.

    Starting Price: $22.00/month/user
  • 23
    kintone Icon



    Create automated, customized process management apps with zero code through Kintone. An easy-to-use, no-code enterprise application platform for teams, Kintone makes it easy for business users to quickly build awesome apps and dynamic databases in a few clicks. Kintone offers subscription options for small teams, enterprises, and nonprofits.

    Starting Price: $24.00/month/user
  • 24
    HouseCall Pro Icon

    HouseCall Pro


    Run your home service business more smoothly with Housecall Pro. A cloud-based field service management app, Housecall Pro helps service professionals automate their business processes and workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. Housecall Pro makes it easy to schedule, dispatch, estimate, invoice, accept credit cards and get booked online by customers.

    Starting Price: $39.00/month
  • 25
    When I Work Icon

    When I Work

    When I Work

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Build work schedules for your employees in minutes with When I Work. A free online employee scheduling and time clock software, When I Work is the solution companies need to schedule and communicate with hourly employees with ease. Accessible on mobile via When I Work's iPhone and Android apps, When I Work lets businesses fill shifts in 30 seconds, avoid schedule conflicts, and make staff communication easy, fast, and reliable. It is free to use for up to 75 employees.

    Starting Price: $1.00/month/user
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