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Compare the Top Network Monitoring Software of 2020

Compare the best Network Monitoring software currently available using the table below.

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    PRTG Network Monitor Icon

    PRTG Network Monitor


    PRTG Network Monitor is an all-inclusive monitoring software solution developed by Paessler. Equipped with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with a cutting-edge monitoring engine, PRTG Network Monitor optimizes connections and workloads as well as reduces operational costs by avoiding outages while saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs). The solution is packed specialized monitoring features that include flexible alerting, cluster failover solution, distributed monitoring, in-depth reporting, maps and dashboards, and more.

    Starting Price: € 1200.00/one-time
  • 2
    Site24x7 Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations within small to large organizations. The solution monitors the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure, including private and public clouds. End-user experience monitoring is done from more than 100 locations across the world and various wireless carriers.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month
  • 3
    EventSentry Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频NETIKUS.NET ltd

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Hybrid SIEM solution combining real-time (event) log monitoring with comprehensive system health & network monitoring provides users with a complete picture of their servers and endpoints. The included security event log normalization & correlation engine with descriptive email alerts provides additional context and presents cryptic Windows security events in easy to understand reports that offer insight beyond what is available from raw events. EventSentry's NetFlow component visualizes network traffic, can detect malicious activity and offers insight into bandwith usage. Keeping track of Active Directory changes is easy with EventSentry's ADMonitor component that records all changes to AD & Group Policy objects and provides a complete user inventory to help identify obsolete accounts. Various integrations & multi-tenancy available.

    Starting Price: $85.00/one-time
  • 4
    Atera Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Atera is a cloud based all-in-one remote monitoring & management (RMM) platform for MSPs & IT pros. Atera includes everything you need to solve your clients toughest IT problems in one, centralized location. Ateras fixed cost pricing model helps IT businesses of all sizes grow with no extra costs. Fixed Cost with unlimited devices, Its that simple. Start your 30-day free trial today.

    Starting Price: $79.00/month/user Partner badge
  • 5
    PagerDuty Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 PagerDuty is an incident management platform that provides reliable notifications, automatic escalations, on-call scheduling, and other functionality to help teams detect and fix infrastructure problems quickly. Integrate Data From All Your DevOps Tools. PagerDuty is the central nervous system for your digital ecosystem. We sit at the heart of your technology ecosystem and analyze digital signals from virtually any software-enabled system. We help you intelligently pinpoint issues like outages, as well as capitalize on opportunities, empowering teams to take the right real-time action. 300+ integrations so you’re up and running immediately. PagerDuty integrates seamlessly with applications like Slack, ServiceNow, AWS, Zendesk, Atlassian, and hundreds more. We work how you work. And you can start using PagerDuty immediately, whether your company uses us already or not.

  • 6
    SysAid Icon


    SysAid Technologies

    SysAid provides IT and enterprise service management solutions that transform IT agent productivity, drastically enhance the end-user experience, and drive value across the organization. SysAid partners with over 10,000 customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises across 140 countries. Available in 42 languages as a cloud-based and on-premises solution, SysAid combines all the essential IT tools in one platform. For more information, please visit

  • 7
    Domotz Pro Icon

    Domotz Pro


    Domotz is the premier Remote Network Monitoring and Management platform for IoT. We offer powerful network management software for MSP's, Integrators, Security Professionals, and Business Owners. Domotz enables the complete solution to cost-effectively manage and monitor your customers’ networks with plug and play setup, a friendly UX, and a comprehensive feature set, accessible from any desktop browser or mobile device.

    Starting Price: $3 per month
  • 8
    Appchkr Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频Nova Software

    Appchkr is an uptime monitoring, alerting, and reporting family of software featuring advanced, high power, general purpose types for large networks and server farms to simple, basic types specialized for small businesses and individual websites. Free forever for 10 targets. Hands-free background operation. Swift setup, fast alerts, unmatched feature set and performance/price ratio. Runs on any MSWindows or Linux version. Checks both LANs and WANs, intranet and internet, both inside and outside your network. Worldwide distribution and support. Light on your time, your network, and your budget. Types specialized for databases, facilities management, security, and QA/QC/Certification/test systems. Integrates with Slack and Pagerduty. Offers public status pages. Integrated diagnostic tools help shorten and prevent downtime. Controlled via web browser and/or command line, interchangeably. Auto-flex option minimizes cost. Extensive documentation.

    Starting Price: $2.99/month
  • 9
    XPM platform Icon

    XPM platform

    ProtocolSoft Tech., Inc.

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 XPM is a commercial quality and enterprise level performance management/monitoring and traffic analysis solution. XPM is a high-performance enterprise product based on Linux, which supports continuous operation of 7*24*365. Therefore, it may not be suitable for individual users, but more suitable for enterprise users who need higher IT service quality. XPM monitoring objects include: 1> Applications using HTTP protocol; 2> Databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL server); 3> URL Transaction; 4> Network, server and client. Awards of XPM: Innovation Award of ITSS 2018, ITSS is a department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. Please note that: The downloadable version here is XPM standard version, which can analyze about 1 Gbps of traffic in real time, and only supports X86 server deployment. If you need vProbe-XPM to monitor virtual machine traffic, or XPM-H version over 1 Gbps, please contact us by email.

    Starting Price: $0/month/module
  • 10
    NinjaRMM Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频NinjaRMM, LLC

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 If you're looking to support your clients and manage IT more efficiently, turn to NinjaRMM. The world's first security centric remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, NinjaRMM enables IT professionals to monitor and manage the entire IT stack with full automation all within a single pane of glass. The platform features search and connect through TeamViewer, antivirus integration, real-time alerts, managed patching, automation, software inventory, and reporting.

    Starting Price: $3.00/month
  • 11
    openITCOCKPIT Icon


    it-novum GmbH

    Easy to use configuration web interface for Nagios and Neamon. The monitoring solution for corporations and SMEs From large data centers to critical IT services – monitor and manage all of your servers, applications and systems at a glance! openITCOCKPIT creates transparency by providing comprehensive monitoring of your entire IT landscape. Its modular design includes features such as reporting, event correlation and clustering capabilities – all in an intuitive web interface. And by using its supplied host and service templates, experienced administrators can save time and effort which will be better placed in other areas. The supplied REST API makes it easy to connect to external systems. With openITCOCKPIT, the classical division between monitoring and configuration is removed. After exporting the configuration to Naemon/Nagios, users can immediately see the status of the monitored hosts and services in the front end and then edit them directly.

  • 12
    CloudRadar Monitoring Icon

    CloudRadar Monitoring


    CloudRadar, an IT Monitoring solution, monitors public and private servers, networks and network devices, clouds and websites in one application for availability, uptime, process and performance metrics. CloudRadar promises fast deployment with guided configuration and best-practice alert types pre-configured in its complete alerting engine. Outages and issues are immediately alerted with CloudRadar's notification feature, using 7 different channels to choose from to deliver alerts. Users can completely customize alert thresholds or set up unlimited new checks per host with a complete team management capability. With a focus on delivering a radically simple, uncluttered interface encompassing all critical monitoring metrics, CloudRadar is tool that is built for System Admins and IT managers - allowing them to monitor their entire infrastructure in one unified, easy-to-use interface with deep insights into office, remote or cloud resources across the stack.

    Starting Price: $1.20/month
  • 13
    AdRem NetCrunch Icon

    AdRem NetCrunch

    AdRem Software

    NetCrunch 10 is a smart, agentless network monitoring and management software system that is capable of monitoring every device in a network. Developed by AdRem Software, NetCrunch 10 helps businesses of all sizes to remotely monitor network services, switches, routers, bandwidth utilization, and traffic flow as well as visualize their system performance. AdRem NetCrunch 10 offers a wide variety of features, including capacity monitoring, service desk management, Windows diagnostic tools, remote access, IP address monitoring, progress report, and more. This all-in-one solution provides support for all leading OS types, such as Linux, Windows, VMWare ESX/ESXi, Mac OS X, and BSD.

    Starting Price: $1160.00/year
  • 14
    MPA Tools Icon

    MPA Tools

    Veles Software

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Easy-to-use Professional Multi-Computer Remote Administration Tool. MPA Tools simplifies and improves IT administration tasks and minimizes problem resolution time for IT professionals of any level. This application is easy to install without additional configurations or maintenance of agents/clients on remote computers. This simple application provides powerful tools to help IT Professionals to manage IT infrastructure in more efficient and reliable ways.

    Starting Price: $69.99/year/user
  • 15
    Auvik for MSPs Icon

    Auvik for MSPs

    Auvik Networks

    Auvik's network management software gives MSPs the network visibility and process efficiency they need to boost the profitability of their network services. Our cloud-based software provides unprecedented insight into client networks and automates complex and time-consuming tasks so you can scale your practice effectively. By giving you visibility and actionable data on network infrastructure, Auvik is a great complement to traditional RMM systems that focus on servers and endpoints.

  • 16
    Datadog Cloud Monitoring Icon

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere with Datadog, a modern monitoring and analytics solution for modern teams with hybrid cloud environments. Datadog gives teams end-to-end visibility across systems, apps, and services, improving agility and increasing efficiency. Datadog makes this possible by seamlessly aggregating metrics and events across the full Devops stack. Start monitoring with Datadog effortlessly in minutes.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month/user
  • 17
    Pulseway Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频MMSOFT Design

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Pulseway is a real-time remote monitoring and management (RMM) software for MSPs and IT departments that allows you to take full control over your entire IT environment. Easy to use and quick to deploy, Pulseway ensures that any IT issues are detected, monitored, and addressed at the earliest time possible. The platform offers complete visibility through the Pulseway Dashboard, advanced automation, remote desktop, application monitoring, OS patch management, custom reports, complete command traceability, email notifications, and so much more. We also offer add-ons for endpoint protection, business management (PSA) and backup & disaster recovery software to give you the power of a full IT stack. Over 3,900 customers worldwide use Pulseway every day to pro-actively manage their own and customers IT infrastructure.

    Starting Price: $47/month
  • 18
    Blue Matador Icon

    Blue Matador

    高清看男人插曲女人视频Blue Matador Inc

    Blue Matador automatically monitors cloud environments smarter and faster than traditional monitoring tools. Monitoring cloud infrastructure normally requires a lot of know how and time to configure alerts correctly. Then, as you make changes and scale your static monitoring doesn't scale with you. Blue Matador is different. It automatically creates alerts and understands how to adjust with you as you scale. It also has a very carefully thought through alerting structure so you don't get bombarded with false positives. You can take the guesswork and toil out of setting up monitoring and let Blue Matador do it better.

    Starting Price: $15/Per Month
  • 19
    CDN77 Icon


    DataCamp Ltd.

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 CDN77 is a Content Delivery Network with 32+ points of presence around the world (incl. 3 in South America). Mainly focused on Live Streaming, VOD, Gaming, and Software Delivery. CDN77 serves more than 11,500 clients from Europe, US, South America and Asia. The core values are: - to provide the most reliable and robust content delivery solution for audiences around the globe - to be an innovation leader and implement new important technologies as soon as possible - to provide flawless 24/7 customer support in real-time using the internal team of engineers When it comes to pricing, the transparency and no-commitment policy set them apart from their competition. You can choose between a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model or cost-effective Monthly Plans with a flat price for all traffic locations. There are also no setup fees and no HTTP/HTTPS requests payments with CDN77. CDN77 provides a free 14-day trial with no credit card required.

    Starting Price: $149.00/year
  • 20
    Teramind Icon



    Teramind is an industry leading provider of employee monitoring, user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA), data loss prevention (DLP), insider threat detection, compliance and workplace productivity software.

    Starting Price: $12/month/user (Min 5 users)
  • 21
    CloudView NMS Icon

    CloudView NMS

    CloudView NMS

    CloudView is a universal standards-based network management and monitoring system (NMS). It can auto-discover, monitor and perform many functions with any vendor SNMP or TCP/IP devices. It provides consistent geographical and logical view of your network (thousands of IP nodes), configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. Full FCAPS functionality per TMN standards is provided, so it can be used in both enterprise and service provider networks with carrier-grade reliability and secure (over HTTPS/SSH) access for multiple concurrent users/operators with different profiles . The functions include network monitoring/management, server monitoring, apps/IoT monitoring, SCADA monitoring, network operations automation, website monitoring and much more. CloudView NMS scales for any network size. It is supported on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Raspberry Pi. For servers, both agent-less and agent oriented modes are supported.

    Starting Price: $295 full unlimited license
  • 22
    Heroix Longitude Icon

    Heroix Longitude


    At Heroix we believe in delivering technology that simplifies IT monitoring – helping our customers save time and money. With decades of history in the system management marketplace Heroix understands what it takes to deliver elegant yet powerful IT solutions. Longitude, our all-inclusive agentless monitoring solution, encompasses the entire technology stack: from physical to virtual to cloud, from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to application. Longitude is currently in use on tens of thousands of systems around the world, in enterprises large and small. The efficiency and intelligence built into Longitude enable better results with less effort, and provides exceptional versatility to address routine as well as unique management challenges – helping our customers save time and money. To learn more - access our online demo environment at

    Starting Price: $495/Annually
  • 23
    BrowseControl Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频CurrentWare Inc.

    Internet control software that restricts internet access and enforces web usage policies across your network. Use BrowseControl's Web Filer to enforce different Internet restriction policies on a computer or user basis within your network. Schedule specific periods for when your network can either be fully accessible or restricted. Block Websites by categories using the CategoryFilter function that encompasses lists of websites being updated daily. Block specific applications and .exe files from running on computers within your network.

    Starting Price: 5 Licenses - US$229
  • 24
    Dotcom-Monitor Icon



    Website monitoring and performance testing solutions. Combined with powerful monitoring features such as real-time dashboards and performance reporting options, and nearly 30 global monitoring network locations, you can quickly identify where performance issues are occurring. Quickly and easily record custom scripts to monitor interactive websites and web application elements and user scenarios with the EveryStep Web Recorder. Dotcom-Monitor makes it easy to ensure performance, functionality, and uptime of the most complex websites, web applications, and web services.

    Starting Price: $19.99/month
  • 25
    ELM Enterprise Manager Icon

    ELM Enterprise Manager

    高清看男人插曲女人视频TNT Software

    Server Monitoring and Event Log Management for enterprise operations. ELM is a proven, premise based solution in high security industries and environments such as DOD, DOE, PSAPs, Finance and Healthcare. Real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting is what we do. Smart Monitoring Software. Endless Possibilities.

    Starting Price: $155/server
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Network Monitoring Software Buyer's Guide

高清看男人插曲女人视频Websites are extremely important to most organizations, and they are the face of that organization online. Therefore, they are get a lot of traffic that affects the organization's overall online presence. Due to this, it is imperative that these websites are always accessible to their clients and customers, and they can suffer very little downtime to be effective. This is where network monitoring software comes in handy, because it a security software network that is designed to monitor and track network related issues.

高清看男人插曲女人视频This guide is designed to help organizations to get a better understanding of the network monitoring software landscape. It will answer many questions that organizations might have to understand this type of software and which particular one will best suit their individual needs.

Network Monitoring Uses

高清看男人插曲女人视频Network monitoring services were designed to help organizations to keep their data centers functioning and healthy, at all times. They help to analyze data, monitor incoming and outgoing data, and detect any threats to an organizations network by examining both devices and applications in real time. They do it in real time, because it helps organizations get warning alerts faster so they can respond to threats promptly. Therefore, organizations need to have effective IT departments to help manage these services. In the past, networks that were unreliable would result in things like delayed emails and other things that made things easier to workaround. However, in today's business world this is different. Having a data network that is unreliable can cause an organization's operations to come to a standstill. For example, if network systems can get IP addresses through DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), then their system will be unable to communicate with other organization systems. Likewise, organizations' systems will be unable to connect to the internet via any system if there is a function in a DNS (Domain Name System). It is important to know how to manage an organization's bandwidth, because this will allow all users on the network to meet their full productivity. To help with this, there are different network monitoring systems at the top of the industry below that will help with these types of situations. The majority of them are cloud-based system, but all of them will help to keep an organization's network safe and their users securely connected.

Due to the critical nature of these services, a few of them can cross over into the infrastructure category. At this point, DNS can become even more of an issue for management infrastructure issues. Typically, a network administrator would be responsible for managing DHCP services.

高清看男人插曲女人视频First introduced back in 1998 by RFCs (Request for Comments) 1065, 1066, and 1067, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) was established. Since then, SNMPv2 and SNVPv3 have replaced the original version, and this has made it capable of being adopted across several different platforms. Networking is what SNMP is usually associated with. OSes (Operating systems), like Microsoft Windows, can be configured so that they respond to SNMP commands. Those in charge should make sure that their network management tools will use SNMP efficiently to accomplish the tasks they are needed for.

Anyone that needs to know and understand what is happening on a network has to understand network flows. Cisco routers were the first routers that introduced NetFlow, which allowed analyzation of IP network traffic that was exiting and entering through a particular interface. NetFlow sends data to a point of collect, which is usually a database system, and this makes it easier analyses that are query based. Most switch manufacturers and sampling tools, like sFlow, then follow the same path. Hewlett-Packard, Arista Networks, and Brocade Communications Systems are a few the largest networking vendors that have natural sFlow support. Companies can find sFlow descriptions under RFC 3176.

Important Features of Network Monitoring Software

高清看男人插曲女人视频There are several features that are considered key to having an adequate network management system. A lot of administrators like find the visual graphics that are provided helpful in getting a quick overview of what their current system status is. Not to mention, they can use a dashboard to tweak the arrangements of different graphical elements, as needed. An alert mechanism is important so that someone gets alerted if there is an issue.

IPAM (IP Address Management) is a vital feature for most large corporations. It allows them to keep track of static IP addresses assigned, plus various DHCP pools, that wouldn't be able to managed adequately with the use of a manual system. Since a single person is usually in charge of handling both of those functions, it only makes sense that organization would integrate an IPAM with their network management tool for accuracy and efficiency.

The key to being able to effectively manage a large number of devices at once is automation. The process becomes more efficient with every small administration task that is automated. One of the largest differentiators between different products is the ability to have an automated repair fall and alert. If this is added to a monitoring system along with the ability to connect remotely, the produce becomes a solid option.

SDN (Software-Defined Networking)高清看男人插曲女人视频 is needed, but it takes a technologist or vendor to help reduce the confusion it causes. Basically, SDN is a term that describes the forwarding plane and how the network control plane is functionally separated. It is only through these two things that configuring optimum data paths become possible. However, SDN is only found in the top level of performance switches in network monitoring systems.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

高清看男人插曲女人视频Networking monitoring software needs are greatly impacted by the size of an organization. Generally, most features are divided into solutions that are most beneficial for larger enterprises and small businesses separately:

  • Large Enterprises - Larger enterprises generally have different server locations, and they could be in different geographical locations, as well. Therefore, they need features that are more advanced. Due to the size of their servers and other issues, their administrators need more advanced tools in order to properly diagnose and prevent network related issues.
  • Smaller Businesses - Since smaller businesses generally only have one server location, they do not need overall advanced features to keep their network running smoothly. The two most important things to small businesses is to be alerted to any potential issue and making sure that their system is maintained properly.


Companies can find a lot of free network monitoring software, but they will have limited features. However, companies can usually pay for extra features if they have a larger server network.

The price for most network monitoring platforms is based on the network size, and generally, companies are charged monthly for these services. It makes it easy for companies that have multiple server locations because they can just pay a fee to add the new server to their existing network. Plus, they can choose to pay for extra add-ons and features and 24/7 support to help manage their network system.

Key Considerations for Network Monitoring Software

It is important to know what requirements you need from a network monitoring system, and you should prioritize them on importance. This will allow you to find the right network monitoring system for your organization's need. There are a few parameters that have been set to help an organization identify which solution will work best:

  • Customization in specific priorities and processes - Every organization is different, and their systems are equally different. Therefore, it is important that the solution chosen is customizable to provides alerts and how those alerts are processed. As a buyer, an organization needs to know exactly what they want to monitor and if they want that information sent as a report, to a support team, or both options.
  • Scope of the System - In the end, the system that you choose should be able to handle any and all of the variations that your process will require. A couple of the things that it should be able to handle are monitoring multiple geographical locations, handle different virtual environments, and process specific network devices.
  • Automated discovery of components - Automation becomes increasingly important the larger an organization is. This is due to the fact they have multiple servers and systems, and everything might not be monitored properly. Since it's not always possible to send a technical team to see about every issue, the automation will allow them to prioritize things.
  • After-hours support model - Organizations are not open all the time, and therefore, it is important that the system that is purchased will actually benefit the company and provide all of the after-hour support that it needs.
  • Scalability - Organizations need to make sure that the system they choose will be able to grow as they do to avoid problems in the future.
  • Location of Support Contacts - It is important to know where the contacts for an organization chosen network monitoring solution are. This will help to judge their overall support service for an organization.
  • Availability of Internal IT staff - A network monitoring system will only run as smoothly as it can be monitored and the work it generates can be handles. The internal IT team need to know what they are required to do under different circumstances.
  • Clearly defined SLA (service level agreements) - This is extremely important before choosing any given network monitoring system. It is imperative that an organization understand each option for timing and the escalation process. The SLA can be negotiated to provide what the organization specifically needs.

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