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Compare the Top Campaign Management Software of 2020

Compare the best Campaign Management software currently available using the table below.

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    MoonMail Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 MoonMail is an Email Marketing Software Platform to send Email Marketing Newsletters. So simple to use that your grandma could do it. With MoonMail you can easily create and design successful email marketing campaigns. MoonMail provides a comfortable and clean way to analyze your success and performance through clear metrics, reports, and statistics. MoonMail allows you: * Customize and adapt your message using our Template Library * Create your custom design with our easy-to-use drag and drop template engine * Add images, social media icons, and logos with just one click * Monitor and track your performance and analyze the success of your campaigns in MoonMail's Dashboard. * Compare data from your previous campaigns * Choose a multilingual dashboard, enabling you to understand your results better.

    Starting Price: $23.99 /mo
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    SharpSpring Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 SharpSpring is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with robust features, functionality and performance. SharpSpring is one of the most flexible platforms on the market, offering powerful, behavior-based email marketing, native or 3rd party CRM integration, dynamic forms, landing page and blog builders, social media management, universal CMS compatibility, and integration with hundreds of applications. SharpSpring is usually less than 1/3 the cost of the competition, is the easiest company to work with and the easiest platform to use. Marketing agencies should inquire about SharpSpring's special partner program.

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    SalesExec Icon


    ClickPoint Software

    SalesExec helps salespeople by automating the complex sales follow up process. SalesExec takes the guesswork out of who to call, when to call, email, or send text messages. With guided selling and automated lead prioritization, your salespeople will more efficiently work their leads, with less complexity, helping them to win more deals. SalesExec includes efficiency tools like; local presence dialing to reach and identify 60% more sales opportunities, with automated text SMS, and email nurture to reach customers at the right time in their buying journey. SalesExec will also help your marketing team by capturing and intelligently routing and prioritizing all web leads and phone calls. With SalesExec, your team can handle thousands of leads with ease, ensuring you get maximum ROI from every prospect by enforcing customer outreach and sales followup.

    Starting Price: $55.00/month/user
  • 4
    emfluence Marketing Platform Icon

    emfluence Marketing Platform


    The emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you'll swear it was built just for you. We believe that usability is as important as functionality. That’s why we’ve focused the emfluence Marketing Platform’s features around what’s really important: helping digital marketers like you accomplish your goals every day. Whether you’re launching your own digital campaigns, managing a brand across a network of franchises, or creating campaigns for your book of business, you can leverage the emfluence Marketing Platform for: • Marketing Automation • Drag & Drop Email Marketing • Marketing Calendar • Social Media Management • Surveys • Landing Pages • Form Builders • Automated Reporting • Website Tracking • Light Boxes and Modals • Variable Content & Personalization The emfluence Marketing Platform offers integrations to Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce, as well integrations to Zapier and an Open API.

    Starting Price: $700/month
  • 5
    MarinOne Icon


    Marin Software

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 MarinOne is the answer to the challenges facing today's digital marketer. By bringing search, social, and eCommerce advertising into a single platform, MarinOne helps advertisers maximize the results of their digital campaigns by giving them a single view of the customer. As fierce competitors, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are never going to help you make your advertising work effectively across channels. The most powerful weapon a performance marketer can use is their own data. MarinOne is designed to take full advantage of all available data—including your CRM, data warehouse, and publisher data, and third-party signals. MarinOne aligns your ad campaigns across multiple publishers, helping you get the spend mix right while analyzing each channel’s influence on one another. It’s one of the most effective differentiators for the modern performance marketer. MarinOne supplements publisher tools by amplifying campaigns to drive performance.

  • 6
    Mailchimp Icon



    Built to help you grow your own way. We know what it’s like to start small with big ideas. That’s why we support millions of customers across every stage of their own business journeys. Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform. No matter your business type or experience level, we have features to help you understand your audience, reach them when it matters most, and get better as you go. Our marketing CRM helps you collect data about your contacts and turn those insights into action. With a holistic view of your audience, you can learn what they like and create campaigns that feel like conversations. We’ll help you get up and running with pre-built templates, ready-made segments, and 1-click automations. With our intuitive design tools, it’s easy to create beautiful campaigns.

    Starting Price: $9.99/month
  • 7
    HubSpot Marketing Icon

    HubSpot Marketing


    Grow your traffic, convert leads, and prove ROI with HubSpot Marketing. An all-in-one inbound marketing software, HubSpot offers the tools that brands and marketing professionals need to build and launch effective campaigns that help their business get noticed. This includes search engine optimization (SEO); writing blogs & creating web content (CMS); leveraging social media like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter;and more.

    Starting Price: $200.00/month
  • 8
    eClincher Icon



    eClincher brings you an all-in-one social media management platform. Offering amazing features like: publishing and scheduling posts, reply to all interactions from one Inbox (social CRM), monitoring and listening feeds, auto publishing with smart queues, suggested content, advanced analytics reporting, post approval, team collaboration, and much more. eClincher is ranked #1 ROI platform for social media management category. 100% Guaranteed to get your WOW reaction! eClincher is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Canva, Zendesk, and much more. Start your absolutely FREE TRIAL today, at (credit card is not required).

    Starting Price: $59.00/month/user
  • 9
    Mayple Icon



    Mayple is a top-rated Digital Marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We help businesses grow by assuring their marketing budget is invested in the right places, managed by the right experts and increasingly generates more sales & profit. ✅ Fill in a user-friendly questionnaire that identifies your marketing needs ✅ Get a digital marketing strategy within 1 business day ✅ Get matched to vetted experts in your niche, out of +600 top experts with proven track records in your field ✅ Use our live monitoring tools and monthly reporting ✅ Enjoy ongoing monitoring and quality assurance, done by your personal account manager Services you can get at Mayple: Digital marketing strategy, Paid media campaigns setup and management, PPC, SEO, E-commerce advertising, Creative, Analytics, Conversion optimization

    Starting Price: $590
  • 10
    Atomatest Icon



    Automaton loves marketers. We are marketers. And we know that with technology - marketers can perform miracles. But marketers are setup to fail. Marketing departments must run efficiently, deliver more, and comply with tough regulations. A CMO knows that the most cost-effective way to scale the business and enforce compliance is more technology. But a CTO would hesitate. She knows that marketers are missing one of the basic tools that IT can’t live without. A CTO would insist that the stack be tested. End to end, repeatedly. Are web forms functioning properly? Were the appropriate actions triggered by customer input? Can we pass an audit? For the marketer, these tools just don’t exist, nor does the time or budget to do this manually. That’s why we built Atomatest. Atomatest takes IT know-how and puts it into the hands of the marketer. We ensure martech works: leads aren’t lost, digital ad spend isn’t wasted, and when something breaks it won’t go unnoticed

    Starting Price: $300.00/month
  • 11
    Teleduce Icon


    Adnaks Marketing Solutions

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Adnaks Marketing Solutions is a India software company that was founded in 2013, and offers a software title called Teleduce. Teleduce offers training via documentation, live online, webinars, and in person sessions. Teleduce offers a free version, and free trial. Teleduce is campaign management software, and includes features such as activity tracking, campaign management, lead capture, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead segmentation, pipeline management, and source tracking. With regards to system requirements, Teleduce is available as SaaS software. Costs start at $20 per user per month. Teleduce includes business hours support, and online support. Some alternative products to Teleduce include Pardot, Autopilot, and Marketing 360.

    Starting Price: $20 per user per month
  • 12
    Prisma Campaigns Icon

    Prisma Campaigns

    Prisma Campaigns

    The Agile Marketing Platform for Financial Services. We help Financial Institutions deepen their customer relationships, improve share of wallet, and increase loyalty by allowing them to execute easily personalized campaigns thought all channels, at scale. Online Banking, Web, Mobile, Email, SMS + Others, Prisma Campaigns is a smart omnichannel orchestrator. Based on customer data it allows FIs to effectively deliver segmented and personalized campaigns providing relevant, personal and contextual offer at any stage of the customer journey. From insights to action: Effectively orchestrate real-time segmented campaigns. 1-to-1 personalized messages: Deliver personal and contextual messages and increase conversion rates. All-in-one platform: Manage all your channels from a single place: mobile, web, email, sms, push and more. Fast and easy integration: Plug and play easily with our SDK and go live in less than 6 weeks! #BeRelevant!

  • 13
    RedCappi Icon



    Build stronger relationships and foster brand loyalty with your clients! An award-winning email marketing service, RedCappi provides easy, affordable, and the best email marketing features and social media elements for businesses of all sizes. With RedCappi, creating professional, beautifully designed newsletters and emails is made simple and easy. Our easy-to-use tools and features include the drag and drop email builder, email and content management, autoresponders, real-time campaign results, integrated sign-up forms Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics, and more.

    Starting Price: $10.00/month
  • 14
    Zoho Campaigns Icon

    Zoho Campaigns


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing automation software for small and medium-sized business (SMBs). Developed by Zoho Corporation, Zoho Campaigns enables you to easily send email campaigns, view and share reports with your team, and organize your entire subscriber data from anywhere, at any time. By integrating Zoho Campaigns into your business, you can fully engage with your audience, build lasting relationships with your customers, and improve your brand identity.

    Starting Price: $5.00/month
  • 15
    Pinpointe Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频Pinpointe On-Demand

    Pinpointe On-Demand is an award-winning, cloud-based email marketing platform that helps business-to-business (B2B) marketers track and stay in touch with customers through permission-based email. Purpose-built for mid-sized enterprises, high volume senders, and agencies, Pinpointe provides the largest library of mobile-friendly, pre-tested, ready-to-use HTML email templates that enables users to create engaging email campaigns. Core features include real-time site analytics and heat maps, social sharing buttons, smart segments, and powerful autoresponders.

    Starting Price: $42.00/month
  • 16
    Envoke Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Envoke is a Canadian email marketing software designed to keep your data in Canada. CASL compliant, Envoke's email marketing software includes tools to collect, track and document consent, automatically manage expiry dates, and treats non-Canadian contacts differently. With Envoke, you can create unlimited sub-accounts, users, and list, allowing you to deliver personal and compliant emails to the right person at the right time. From desktop to mobile devices Envoke's layouts auto-respond for a maximized viewing experience.

    Starting Price: $40.00/month
  • 17
    Flow Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频Flow Technologies

    Manage your team, plan projects, and stay up-to-date with everything happening at your organization with Flow. Flexible, easy-to-use, and feature-rich, Flow is a project and task management software designed for busy, modern teams. It combines a wealth of tools that enables teams to be more productive and efficient. This includes project management, task tracking, resource management, team collaboration, and key integrations and APIs.

    Starting Price: $19.00/month
  • 18
    Sendinblue Icon



    SendinBlue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails and SMS messages. What makes us different? SendinBlue is powered by our world-class customer happiness team and we offer pricing plans guaranteed to make you smile. Our platform combines a robust suite of services within a single, user-friendly solution. Happy Sending!

    Starting Price: 19€/ mo
  • 19
    ShippingEasy Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Make shipping a breeze with ShippingEasy, a powerful cloud-based shipping platform for ecommerce businesses. With ShippingEasy, online merchants can get access to a complete set of tools for managing orders, printing labels, automating shipping, tracking shipments, managing inventory, and so much more. The platform also offers advanced reporting and targeted marketing tools to help merchants better understand their business and thus, fuel growth.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month
  • 20
    TargetEveryOne Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频Target Everyone

    Create digital campaigns in minutes with TargetEveryone, a cloud-based multichannel marketing tool for companies of all sizes. TargetEveryone helps businesses and marketers create outstanding campaigns in five easy steps: recruit and collect all customer data in one place, segment customers based on preferences and interactions, create campaigns using a drag-and-drop module, distribute campaign across all channels, and analyze campaign performance through key metrics. Businesses and marketers can get started with TargetEveryone for free.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month
  • 21
    GetResponse Icon



    GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform built to help businesses grow. Trusted by over 350,000 customers, GetResponse combines email marketing and online campaign management tools in one solid platform to help companies boost sales, maximize ROI, and succeed in online marketing. GetResponse is available in four different plans to suit the needs and requirements of businesses.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month/user
  • 22
    TractionNext Icon


    Traction Digital

    TractionNext is a next-generation marketing platform designed to help marketers provide an engaging brand experience to customers. It automates marketing campaign workflows, triggers conversations and accelerates conversions, and connects across multiple channels. TractionNext offers seamless integrations between leading platforms and apps, including Facebook, Salesforce, Shopier, PieSync, and more.

    Starting Price: $335.00/month
  • 23
    Campaign Influence Analyzer Icon

    Campaign Influence Analyzer

    Magic Robot

    Gain real visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with Magic Robot. Magic Robot's Campaign Influence Analyzer and Contact Role Creator app helps businesses discover and analyze which campaigns work or not. Simple and elegant, Magic Robot lets users quickly compare campaigns, combine performance, estimate needed spend, and forecast future performance. The app also integrates with leading marketing automation platforms, including HubSport, Marketo, Pardot, and others. Magic Robot's Campaign Influence Analyzer and Contact Role Creator app is available on AppExchange, the Salesforce store.

    Starting Price: $6500.00/year
  • 24
    Net-Results Icon



    Net-Results is a premium marketing automation platform that boasts an intuitive interface and a chock-full of functionalities. With Net-Results, marketers can quickly and effectively gnerate and nurture leads, launch email marketing campaigns, manage social media, and streamline sales. Net-Results also offers integrations with leading CRMs.

    Starting Price: $800.00/month
  • 25
    Wrike Icon



    Get full visibility and control over your tasks and projects with Wrike. A cloud-based collaboration and project management software, Wrike is trusted by leading companies, such as airbnb and Verizon, to help their teams achieve more. Wrike offers world-class features that empower cross-functional, distributed, or growing teams take their projects from the initial request stage all the way to tracking work progress and reporting results.

    Starting Price: $9.80/month/user
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