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Compare the Top Business Process Management Software of 2020

高清看男人插曲女人视频 Compare the best Business Process Management software currently available using the table below.

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    vtenext Icon



    What is vtenext CRM+BPMN? - Open Source nature - Business Process Management engine - Native intergation with Salesforce The result? CRM+BPM= CPM customer process manager Break down the Silo Mentality and connect all the business areas with vtenext, how? Thanks to its Open Source nature it can communicate with every software in use and connect them by using its unique BPMN Engine to design and automate most internal procedures, making the activity chain lean, fast and efficient. vtenext is a complete system to manage the relationship with your customers and, at the same time, optimize all business processes without the need of an IT Expert. Already have a CRM but it is not extended to all the Business Areas because of the high costs? Don't worry, it already provides a native integration with Salesforce, but it can be also integrated with other "first class" CRMs.

  • 2
    PerfectForms Icon



    Create any type of online form or workflow application with PerfectForms, a feature-rich, web-based form and workflow process software. Featuring an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing environment, PerfectForms lets organizations and their diverse departments create online forms or develop a complex automated workflow process without writing a single line of code. The platform also comes with powerful reporting capabilities, integration with third party systems through web services or API, and multiple deployment options.

  • 3
    Nintex Icon



    Enterprise organizations around the world leverage the Nintex Platform every day to quickly and easily manage, automate and optimize their business processes. Nintex Platform includes capabilities for process mapping, workflow automation, document generation, forms, mobile apps, process intelligence and more, all with an easy to use drag and drop designer.

  • 4
    productboard Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 productboard is the product management system that aligns everyone on the right features to build next. Designed on the Product Excellence methodology, it is used by modern, customer-driven organizations like Zendesk, UiPath, Avast, and Envoy. With its customizable boards, productboard offers the right balance of guidance and flexibility to help product teams understand what users really need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap.

    Starting Price: $49.00/month/user
  • 5
    LivePlan Icon


    Palo Alto Software

    LivePlan enables its users to create professional business plans, including charts and spreadsheets with financial projections. At each step, there are example business plans, video help, and tutorials to help avoid writer’s block. The step-by-step planning method makes it easy to create a professional plan that will wow any audience. With built-in financials, LivePlan does all the math for its users. It also has detailed sample business plans for advertising agencies, bakeries, tutorial service, property management and 500 different types of businesses.

    Starting Price: $20/month
  • 6
    HireHop Icon


    HireHop Equipment Rental Software

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 We built HireHop equipment rental software to give hire companies access to fully featured, powerful, future proof, easy to use and affordable software. HireHop is the most powerful and versatile equipment rental software available today, with features not available in any other software, enabling you to run your business more efficiently and economically. Being in the cloud means it works on any device or computer anywhere in the world, with automatic updates and no need to install software and painful updates on your machine. HireHop is hosted on Amazon's $500 billion server infrastructure, giving you unprecedented security against viruses, ransomware and natural disaster threats, as well as backup retention and server failure, all included for free. Try HireHop today for free so you can see first hand why so many other companies, large and small, are leaving their old legacy products and switching to HireHop.

    Starting Price: $43.00/month/first user
  • 7
    Q.Shop Icon



    Q.Shop, formerly known as Quince Shop Floor Data Collector, is a manufacturing software solution that is specifically designed for those in the repair and overhaul industry. Repair and overhaul manufacturing can be labour intensive and complex. Q.Shop is a unified data collection system that brings together shop floor inspection plans, process manuals, work instructions, and machinery inputs in one place. Q.Shop platform facilitates traceability and simplifies collaboration among technicians, supervisors, and managers. Q.Shop manufacturing solution also offers a complete job and employee scheduler. It maximizes process efficiency, in regard to not only machine operation but also personnel placement. Operators are scheduled based on their shift hours, experiences, skill levels and amount of achieved certifications/ licenses. Q.Shop increases productivity by providing the most suitable schedule for your current workforce, machinery, inventory and sales volume.

  • 8
    PowerSoft  by Wallace Software Solutions Icon

    PowerSoft by Wallace Software Solutions

    Wallace Software Solutions

    Our “Powersoft” Dealer Management Software (DMS) will help you Take control of your dealership. Our fully integrated easy-to-use software solution, will simplify your day from beginning to end. Get a complete image of your operation, increase productivity and profits, whiles discovering opportunities for growth with “Powersoft” designed specifically for Powersports dealers of all sizes. Running a Powersports business can be a complex task! Wallace Software Solutions makes it simple… With our “Powersoft” software solution you can have all the tools your dealership needs in one completely integrated system. Start with a single software module or design your own software configuration with as many users and modules as your business requires. Each feature rich module is easily customizable and seamlessly integrates with our industry specific beneficial add-ons, allowing you to take your system to the next level.

    Starting Price: 150/mth
  • 9
    SellerChamp Icon



    SellerChamp automates the product listing and synchronization process across multiple popular eCommerce platforms through a central interface. It is the fastest way to list and sync thousands or even millions of items. Businesses will reduce their costs while increasing the speed at which they list, manage, and fulfill orders. Automation is provided at every step, starting with importing individual items from a manifest, assigning item warehouse locations, populating eCommerce listings with pre-filled catalog information, managing orders, and integrating key information to shipping software for more efficient fulfillment.

    Starting Price: $29.99
  • 10
    iGrafx Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 We believe that process is at the center of everything. We deliver business transformation software that turns your processes into a portfolio of valuable assets. Our platform is the most comprehensive, supporting RPA and workflow automation, customer journey, governance, risk, compliance, and more, as well as SaaS and private cloud deployment. It’s also the most scalable, currently supporting the largest, global enterprise requirements. We possess 400+ years of process passion, and we share it.

  • 11
    Agiloft Service Desk Suite Icon

    Agiloft Service Desk Suite


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Bring agility and efficiency to your support operations with the top-rated Service Desk Suite. Agiloft Service Desk suite offers fully-integrated applications to help IT teams get complete, 360-degree control over every process. It includes customer support, RMA management, IT ticketing system, internal help desk, asset management, change management, and ITIL and ITSM.

    Starting Price: $0
  • 12 Icon


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Simplify the way team works with, a cloud-based team project management solution. caters to small to mid-sized businesses in different industries. With, users can manage different projects and ensure sharing of knowledge among team members. features a collaborative environment that enables users to create a knowledge base, share files, communicate, make image designs, and more. also integrates well with different third-party applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
  • 13
    Maxpanda CMMS Icon

    Maxpanda CMMS

    高清看男人插曲女人视频Maxpanda Software

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 15 DAY FREE CMMS TRIAL - Starter plans @ $39/m include UNLIMITED USERS. Imagine having No Setup Costs, No Contract, Unlimited Users & gentle on the pocket book. Maxpanda CMMS requires no staff training (we do this), runs on any PC, MAC, smartphone / tablet. Maxpanda CMMS is partnered with Amazon's Cloud Service, the only thing you'll ever need is your smartphone or tablet. START TODAY: 30 second signup or request a FREE webinar to compare Maxpanda against other overpriced over-complicated CMMS. Maxpanda continues to disrupt the CMMS industry with an Enterprise software that's faster, better and more affordable than the rest.

    Starting Price: $39.00/month
  • 14
    Zavanta Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Need a better way to capture policies, SOPs, and work instructions and make them accessible to your workforce? Zavanta is web-based system for building clear, easy-to-update policies and procedures, online portals, and manuals people WANT to use! Clear communication is essential for improved workforce performance and compliance. Other tools simply manage documents or pair MS-Word with workflow, so you are on your own as far as the content itself goes. Zavanta combines structured, standardized authoring with powerful content management. Zavanta’s specialty is high-quality, easy-to-update content. Even a novice can create user-friendly content in HALF the time of MS Word-based methods (really, our customers have timed it!). General-purpose tools (MS-Word, Wikis, Excel) are cumbersome and lack the controls needed to ensure authors avoid common mistakes and prevent variation between writers. Conventional documents don’t work on mobile devices.

  • 15
    VersionOne Icon



    VersionOne is a United States software company that was founded in 2002, and offers a software title called VersionOne. VersionOne offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. VersionOne offers a free version, and free trial. VersionOne is collaboration software, and includes features such as budget management, IT project management, milestone tracking, Percent-Complete tracking, portfolio management, project planning, requirements management, traditional methodologies, agile methodologies, gantt charts, idea management, Cost-to-Completion tracking, customizable templates, client portal, kanban board, and collaboration tools. With regards to system requirements, VersionOne is available as SaaS software. Costs start at $29.00/month/user. VersionOne includes online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support. Some alternative products to VersionOne include Hansoft, Wrike, and DevSuite.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month/user
  • 16
    Decisions Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Decisions Platform is a no-code business automation solution that focuses on data handling, process automation, and business rule execution. Complete with a rule engine, workflow engine, form designer, report and/or dashboard builder, open API and SDK, the Decisions Platform offers a comprehensive business process management solution for large enterprises and software company partners. Built and tested using visual, drag and drop no-code design technologies, Decisions helps organizations manage and automate a number of business processes in a seamless and efficient way.

    Starting Price: $2500.00/month
  • 17



    Clarifire is an innovative real-time reporting, configurable platform that helps automate business processes. Offered as a Software-as a-Service (SaaS solution, Clarifire’s dynamic interface creates operational efficiencies and control by integrating interactive processes and filling gaps in point solutions or stand-alone apps. With Clarifire, you can compile, organize, and manage data from all stakeholders and systems in one easy-to-use platform.

    Starting Price: $3000.00/month
  • 18
    Scoro Icon



    Streamline work and eliminate routine tasks with Scoro, an end-to-end business management solution. Designed for professional and create services teams, Scoro makes it easy for uses to control their entire workflow from one place. Scoro's features include project management, work scheduling and tracking, financial management, CRM and quoting, reporting and dashboard, and business app integrations.

    Starting Price: $22.00/month/user
  • 19
    Cflow - Workflow Management Software Icon

    Cflow - Workflow Management Software


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Cloud BPM & Workflow Software caters to organizations of all sizes, that wish to automate their daily activities.

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
  • 20
    KiSSFLOW Icon


    OrangeScape Technologies

    Automate work and reduce chaos with KiSSFLOW, a top-rated workflow management software trusted by more than 10,000 companies. KiSSFLOW lets businesses and their teams create an unlimited number of automated business applications. It comes with more than 50 pre-installed apps, including employee onboarding, vacation request, purchase request, and travel reimbursement. The platform also features a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating and customizing forms, centralized dashboard, and integrations with leading business tools.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month/user
  • 21
    Gluu Icon



    Encourage team collaboration and improve business processes with Gluu, the process success platform. With Gluu, businesses can take advantage of three products in one integrated platform, which lets them make any process or task easy to understand, execute, and improve. Gluu can be used for business improvement initiatives, including compliance and auditing, knowledge sharing, risk management, continuous improvement, and systems implementation.

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
  • 22
    Appian Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Appian, the digital transformation platform, enables teams to build powerful applications 10x faster. Combining the speed of low-code development with industry-leading process management, Appian helps organizations keep their digital transformation journey on the fast track. Appian features a low-code development infrastructure with drag-and-drop, declarative and visual development, consistent user experience across all devices, integrations, instant deployment, and more.

    Starting Price: $75.00/month/user
  • 23
    Wrike Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Get full visibility and control over your tasks and projects with Wrike. A cloud-based collaboration and project management software, Wrike is trusted by leading companies, such as airbnb and Verizon, to help their teams achieve more. Wrike offers world-class features that empower cross-functional, distributed, or growing teams take their projects from the initial request stage all the way to tracking work progress and reporting results.

    Starting Price: $9.80/month/user
  • 24
    GoCanvas - Mobile Forms Icon

    GoCanvas - Mobile Forms


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Eliminate expensive and inefficient paper forms and save more time with customizable mobile forms from GoCanvas. GoCanvas is a cloud-based mobile platform that enables businesses to replaced outdated processes and automate how work is done. With GoCanvas mobile apps, organizations and their field workers can quickly collect information using their mobile devices, share that information, and easily send data back to the office so that business keeps moving. GoCanvas also offers businesses access to tools such as barcode scanning, image capture, mobile payments, GPS, and e-signatures.

    Starting Price: $30.00/month/user
  • 25
    Zoho Creator Icon

    Zoho Creator


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Built by a tech industry veteran, Zoho Creator is a revolutionary way to the approach of application development. Zoho realizes that not every business is created equal and more often than not require a custom integration that can significantly impact a business spending. However, with Zoho Creator the control to design an app that works how you want it is as easy as a few simple clicks, eliminating the need to hire a team of expensive developers. With the ability to integrate some of your favorite apps, like Zapier and PayPal, the platform puts you back in the driver chair by giving you the option to browse through a collection of over 50 ready-to-use apps. If you cannot find a solution in Zoho's catalog, you can move on to the drag-and-drop interface to build the tool that is right for you. Did we mention that every app comes in a mobile friendly version to allow actions and gestures for smartphones and tablets? Take control today, visit

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
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What is BPM Software?

An extremely important discipline for companies who are looking to simplify their operations is business process management. This has been the purview for highly-trained, highly-skilled individuals, business analysts, solution architects, and management consultants who are paid well. Best Business Process Management Software, otherwise known as workflow management software, is becoming more accessible to all businesses instead of just large enterprises.

高清看男人插曲女人视频Business process management, or BPM for short, is a solution that involves a combination of optimization, measurement, control, execution, automation, and modeling of business activities in support of partners, customers, employees, spanning systems, and enterprise goals beyond and within the boundaries of an enterprise. This software will assist you in conceptualizing the workflows of your organization, planning out potential path deliverables that should be taken through your processes and web of people, so you’ll effectively be able to identify areas that can be automated or steps that can either be streamlined or eliminated to increase productivity and efficiency.

Business process management software allows businesses to easily and quickly plan their workflows in an electronic environment, thus allowing them to see the bigger picture of their procedures. The environment can also be manipulated to accommodate ‘what-if’ analyses and varying business scenarios. Moreover, the majority of business process management software solutions can enable the incorporation of numerous applications and processes by acting as an engine block to the component parts of accounting, ERP, or CRM高清看男人插曲女人视频, respectively.

高清看男人插曲女人视频This article will discuss how business process management software will help buyers by identifying a case study of a solution, a brief overview of business process management software vendors, industry trends, and common features.

Business Process Management Software: A General Overview

As discussed in the above paragraphs, business process management software allows businesses to streamline their operations, automate integral processes, and plan out their workflows, which is similar to software that automates and/or maps and models some or all of a particular process or function inside a business. There is often a good amount of similarity between business process management software and other software including salesforce automation systems, professional services automation tools, and project management software. As an example, if you have a project-based business that uses one of the more popular solutions like LiquidPlanner, Mavenlink, or Wrike, you can plan out your entire workflow as well as build visualizations for important processes and make problems and progress more evident to your team. Project management software is basically a specialized BPM solution created for project-based companies.

Common Features

Depending on whether you use a BPM suite tailored to your specific industry or you are using a generic BPM solution, there are several functionalities included with most business process management systems.

  1. Visual workflow map - A visual workflow map is an integral part of any BPM software. It’s a workflow editor with simplistic drag-and-drop features which allow managers to visualize and construct their workflows in an electronic environment for easy and quick modification and conceptualization. Depending upon the application (e.g. Kanban), mapping a company’s workflow can take on many forms.
  2. Invoicing and billing - It’s just as important to have a solution to collect payment for the work that’s being done. BPM systems include a built-in invoicing and billing system that serves as an endpoint for business processes related to generating revenue. It is not meant to replace your accounting software.
  3. Email integration - Social collaboration tools including chat systems are making email a less important form of internal communication. But it is still necessary for contacting clients, partners, and suppliers which is why email is included in most BPM suites just like document management.
  4. Sharing and document management - Document management systems are the heart of many BPM systems though they are now less common with cloud storage vendors like Dropbox or Box. However, they are allowing some of their products to be integrated through other business software such as BPM suites.

Things to Consider When Choosing a BPM Suite

高清看男人插曲女人视频There are a number of options that must be taken into consideration before you purchase a BPM software system.

  • Custom or turn-key. While most BPM software will allow your business to come up with their own workflows or integrations, there are some companies that prefer a custom-built system which includes functionalities that are not normally part of a typical BPM suite. There are custom software engineering services available that can help you design a BPM tool with all of the functionalities you need while eliminating the ones you don’t.
  • Industry-specific or generic. Various departments, businesses, or industries are able to use BPM software products, but some companies prefer a system that’s tailored to meet their specific needs. One such example of an industry-specific BPM tool includes ArchiOffice, a BPM suite used by architects.
  • Mobility. You want access to your business process management system anytime, anywhere as it is essential for today’s increasingly mobile workforce. By design, cloud-based systems allow mobile access, but it’s imperative that your mobile application or website be verified in order for them to be optimized for viewing on smartphones or tablets, especially if you have remote workers, maintenance technicians, or sales agents that might need access to the BPM software.
  • On-premise vs. the cloud. Server space is becoming commoditized and cloud-based systems are quickly growing in popularity, but many companies still prefer an on-premise server to host their own BPM. A majority of BPM vendors offer solutions for both kinds of delivery models, but it’s still important that you do some research to help you narrow your scope.

Three Types of BPM Software

高清看男人插曲女人视频BPM not only takes on different forms, but is shaped by a business’s strategy, segment, and size. We will take a closer look at three types of BPM software in the paragraphs below.

  1. Basic BPM platform - The basic BPM platform is the most elementary platform in existence. These platforms include tools that are designed to make sure your new IT applications will lead to the desired outcomes of your business. Basic BPM platforms offer user-friendly, basic interfaces such as those that help model or test workflows and other tools which support the expansion of applications to increase efficiency. Smaller organizations choose basic BPM platforms as many are meant to be used outside of the IT department by staff.
  2. BPM suite or BPMS - These suites have a broader scope and include tools which are used by both non-IT and IT staff. BPM initiatives at this level frequently require coordination between IT and other departments and business units. They are useful for companies searching for uninterrupted improvement and process refinement and include options which increase flexibility and agility. Organizations that need deeper integration with existing IT infrastructure typically use BPM suites to achieve their goals.
  3. Intelligent BPM suite or iBPMS - They are the most advanced suites available and add rapid application development, operational intelligence, and advanced analytical tools to a mix of BPMS and BPM tools. iBPMSs increase the speed of a company from insight to action by creating automated goal-directed, self-adapting processes. These suites are generally used by organizations that want to incorporate external and internal complex, real-time operational intelligence from customers or partners in order to make significant improvements to their processes.

BPM Software Market Trends

While we cannot predict which processes businesses will manage tomorrow, we do know that some general trends in BPM strategy and technology are expected to continue.

With one or more aspects of a business’s transformation strategies, it is believed that some companies will fail because a BPM was not involved in the planning – not because the IT selection or strategy was incorrect. It takes a concentrated effort between departmental stakeholders and IT to make sure that dividends from all digital revolution projects are dispersed in the form of enhanced business procedures.

高清看男人插曲女人视频As companies attempt to adapt their processes and workflows to a greater variety of customer interaction scenarios and change customer needs, exploration and creation of unstable procedures will increase.

Companies with stringent organizational structures will have a more difficult time realizing BPM improvements and gains, while companies that are more comfortable with iterative process development and more agile companies will receive the best return on their investment from the initiatives of their BPM.

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