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Compare the Top Application Lifecycle Management Software of 2020

Compare the best Application Lifecycle Management software currently available using the table below.

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    Visure Requirements Icon

    Visure Requirements

    Visure Solutions, Inc.

    Visure Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of requirements management tool suites offering a comprehensive collaborative ALM Platform for system engineering industries. Visure’s value proposition is nothing less than the total innovative technology in key functions: standard compliance for safety-critical and business-critical systems. - Requirements and Traceability Management - Test Management - Bug & Issue Tracking - Risk Management - Collaboration Management - Centralized data base, Review/Approval process - Certification Management (Support of many Standard Templates ISO26262, IEC62304, IEC61508, CENELEC50128, DO178/C, FMEA, GAMP5, SPICE, CMMI, etc. + Tool Qualification Package) - Configuration Management, Baselining, History Tracking, Requirements Versioning - Dashboards + Report Customization - Integrated with DOORS, Jama, Siemens Polarion, PTC, Perforce, JIRA, Enterprise Architect, HP ALM, Microfocus ALM, PTC, TFS, Word, Excel, Test RT, RTRT, VectorCAST, LDRA, etc.

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    SpiraTeam Icon



    SpiraTeam by Inflectra is a complete application lifecycle management (ALM) system that allows businesses to manage project requirements, test cases, releases, issues, and tasks in one unified platform. Deployed either in the cloud or on-premises, SpiraTeam offers a rich set of collaboration and quality assurance tools for project managers and IT professionals who want to take full control of their entire project lifecycle as well as analyze and execute projects effectively. Primary features include resource management, task management, portfolio management, issue management, and file sharing.

    Starting Price: $15.99/month
  • 3
    VersionOne Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 VersionOne is a United States software company that was founded in 2002, and offers a software title called VersionOne. VersionOne offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. VersionOne offers a free version, and free trial. VersionOne is collaboration software, and includes features such as budget management, IT project management, milestone tracking, Percent-Complete tracking, portfolio management, project planning, requirements management, traditional methodologies, agile methodologies, gantt charts, idea management, Cost-to-Completion tracking, customizable templates, client portal, kanban board, and collaboration tools. With regards to system requirements, VersionOne is available as SaaS software. Costs start at $29.00/month/user. VersionOne includes online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support. Some alternative products to VersionOne include Hansoft, Wrike, and DevSuite.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month/user
  • 4
    Avi Vantage Icon

    Avi Vantage

    Avi Networks

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Avi Networks is a United States software company and offers a software title called Avi Vantage. Avi Vantage offers training via documentation, live online, webinars, and in person sessions. Avi Vantage offers a free trial. Avi Vantage is application lifecycle management software, and includes features such as authentication, automatic configuration, content caching, content routing, data compression, health monitoring, predefined protocols, redundancy checking, reverse proxy, schedulers, and SSL offload. With regards to system requirements, Avi Vantage is available as SaaS software. Avi Vantage includes business hours support, and 24/7 live support. Some alternative products to Avi Vantage include NGINX Plus, LoadMaster, and Array's ADC.

  • 5
    Revulytics Usage Intelligence Icon

    Revulytics Usage Intelligence


    Revulytics Usage Intelligence, a cloud-based performance measurement platform, assists users to use business track software. Revulytics Usage Intelligence has other features that include performance metrics dashboards and a client messaging tool. Revulytics Usage Intelligence enables developers to track end-to-end software usage with event-based analytics feature.

    Starting Price: $59.00/month
  • 6
    VisionFlow Icon



    Streamline internal processes with VisionFlow by Visionera. VisionFlow is a powerful unified platform for the development lifecycle of your business applications, software, and products. It is modular and covers key areas such as Helpdesk & Customer Support, IT Service Management (ITSM), Application Lifecycle Management, Project Management, Product Development, CRM and more.

    Starting Price: $23.00/month/user
  • 7
    Salesforce Platform Icon

    Salesforce Platform


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Build enterprise apps much faster on the Salesforce Platform, a single, unified ecosystem of tools and services that empowers developers to quickly build and deploy solid, secure, and scalable cloud applications. With Salesforce Platform, developers can customize their CRM solution with myLightning; engage employees with AI-powered apps, add security and compliance controls, and engage customers. Prices for Salesform Platform starts at $25 per user per month.

    Starting Price: $25.00/month/user
  • 8
    Hansoft Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Hansoft is the agile project management tool for enterprise teams. Fast, efficient, and flexible, Hansoft empowers teams to collaborate more efficiently so they can advance together and build better products. Hansoft runs natively on leading operating sytems including OS, Windows, and Linux, and offers tools for Scrum and tailored agile methods, Kanban, collaborative Gantt scheduling, defect tracking, news feed, chat, document management, external party collaboration, long term planning, real-time reporting, workload and portfolio analysis.

    Starting Price: $28.00/month/user
  • 9
    codeBeamer ALM Icon

    codeBeamer ALM

    高清看男人插曲女人视频Intland Software

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 codeBeamer ALM is a powerful integrated Application Lifecycle Management platform that covers the entire process of software product delivery. It is a feature-packed enterprise tool with many benefits for developers of safety-critical technology, and for teams applying Agile, scaled Agile, and DevOps practices. codeBeamer ALM helps ensure the alignment of stakeholders, tools, and processes across product delivery. It provides gapless end-to-end traceability and enhanced collaboration from requirements through risk management, development, QA & testing all the way to release management and operations (DevOps). Powerful data analytics features help gain insights for accurate decision-making. codeBeamer ALM offers preconfigured safety-critical templates for medical, automotive, avionics, and pharma compliance support with baked-in domain knowledge. Users of the platform include the largest carmakers, medical device developers, pharma companies & more.

    Starting Price: $950.00/year/user
  • 10
    aqua Test Management Icon

    aqua Test Management

    高清看男人插曲女人视频aqua cloud GmbH

    Explore the Future of Testing ... with aqua! We believe that in an increasingly networked world, the quality assurance of software helps people around the world meet the challenge of digitization. Since the washing machine can be conveniently controlled from the workplace and real-time tracking of the Amazon package is possible, we have arrived in the age of the "IoT - Internet of Things". As a result, quality assurance is becoming increasingly important. This makes agile and well-founded test management existential. We are motivated to find the best solution for an existing challenge. In doing so, we want to outgrow ourselves every day. And let it become real. From efficient testing to agile enterprise architectures - aqua connects the entire company. aqua is part of the andagon group of companies, which has been growing steadily since 2001. Join us in continuing our passion for collaboration, innovation and quality.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month/user
  • 11
    Genuity IT Management Platform  Icon

    Genuity IT Management Platform


    高清看男人插曲女人视频 It's here. IT intelligence for the rest of us. Genuity is the only affordable, cloud-based platform for managing and monitoring your entire IT profile. Take your IT to the next level for only $29.99 per company, per month. Even in today’s digital age, where information is readily available, the IT market has thrived in the obstruction of market transparency. At Genuity, we’re betting that the world is ready for an alternative. Reduce time spent answering inquiries and researching pricing. Give everyone on your team more time (& money) to focus on tasks that matter. Eliminate auto-renew clauses, complex cancelation terms, surcharges, or any other unnecessary costs that add zero value to your operation. Gain greater control of your entire IT portfolio through enterprise-grade software and a community of IT pros.

    Starting Price: $29.99 per month
  • 12
    Orcanos ALM and QMS Icon

    Orcanos ALM and QMS


    Deliver products on time and on budget with Orcanos, an integrated software for ALM (Design Control) and quality management (QMS). An affordable cloud solution, Orcanos supports Requirements Management, Test Management, Document Control, Risk Management, and Quality Management procedures, on a single repository. Orcanos also features dashboards and real-time alerts, to help businesses keep track on their ongoing projects and gain real-time visibity on their progress.

    Starting Price: $69.00/month/user
  • 13
    accelQ Icon



    Achieve continuous delivery with accelQ, a cloud-based continuous testing platform for functional and API automation. accelQ uses the natural language programming and application abstraction to enable testing at any stage of development of the app. accelQ supports the latest application development technologies such as Bootstrap, Google Material design, HTML5, and more. accelQ also allows users to track development, test, and quality readiness of the app.

  • 14
    Aha! Icon


    Aha! Labs

    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Aha! is a top-rated cloud-based product roadmap software. Trusted by more than 150,000 users worldwide, Aha! helps product managers and teams drive product strategy, share roadmaps, and detail features and user stories. Aha! also lets teams set technique, oversee discharge, organize highlights, and catches thoughts in a single place.

  • 15
    DevSuite Icon



    DevSuite is a fully integrated lifecycle and business process management software created by TechExcel. Cloud-based and scalable, DevSuite helps organizations of any size to efficiently monitor and control definition, development, design, testing, and deployment processes when creating high-quality applications. Key features include workflow automation and standardization, bi-directional traceability, effective product planning, standard and unlimited custom reports, test case management and execution, and more.

    Starting Price: $500.00/one-time/user
  • 16
    AssetStudio Icon



    Modernize your organization's software asset management with AssetStudio by Certero. An enterprise Software Asset Management (SAM) solution, AssetStudio helps enterprises control costs, enhance compliance, minimize security risk, and gain an accurate picture of their software estate. It covers all of the critical elements, including inventory, software delivery, licence management, compliance and optimization.

  • 17
    Wallarm FAST Icon

    Wallarm FAST


    Automate Security testing in CI/CD. Identify vulnerabilities in apps and APIs with dynamic security testing as fast as your DevOps runs. Automated continuous security enables high-velocity CI/CD. Integrated testing for every code build. Security is guardrails. Unified CI workflows for DevSecOps. Developer friendly. FAST automatically transforms existing functional tests into security tests in CI/CD. A FAST proxy (Docker container) is used to capture requests as baselines. It then creates and runs a multitude of security checks for every build. Use OWASP Top 10 defaults or specify your own testing policies, like types of parameters to test, payloads, or fuzzer settings. Report vulnerabilities and anomalies to the CI pipeline and ticketing system.

    Starting Price: $25,000 per year
  • 18
    Model-Based Systems Engineering Icon

    Model-Based Systems Engineering


    A blast of brilliant, associated items is influencing the building to process more perplexing. This multifaceted nature implies more partners from numerous designing areas should be included. With these different areas comes a blend of dialects, devices, and databases. To bring together partners, associations are receiving model-based frameworks building (MBSE) systems as a major aspect of their application lifecycle exercises that offer a typical, visual dialect and organized designing methodology.

  • 19
    Jama Connect Icon

    Jama Connect

    Jama Software

    Empower Your Team, Enable Your Process. Equip your teams with the freedom to innovate and the tools they need to do their best work. Capture and work with real-time decisions and feedback, keep key stakeholders informed when change occurs and make sure everyone gets the content they need—right when they need it. With Jama Connect as your single source of truth for definition, verification and validation, you can benchmark and monitor team performance over time to understand the benefits of retooling your product development process. You can strengthen collaboration around critical information and tradeoffs. And you can efficiently reuse IP across products. Jama Connect provides visibility across product definition, design, build and test phases, and exposes relationships and dependencies between systems, teams, activities and results.

  • 20
    Velocity by Code Climate Icon

    Velocity by Code Climate

    Code Climate

    Velocity provides in-depth, contextual analytics that equip engineering leaders to support stuck team members, address team roadblocks, and streamline engineering processes.

  • 21
    Tuleap Icon



    Founded in 2011, Enalean is a software organization based in France that offers a piece of software called Tuleap. Tuleap offers online, and business hours support. Tuleap features training via documentation, webinars, and in person sessions. The Tuleap software suite is SaaS software. Tuleap is collaboration software, and includes features such as bug tracking, issue management, milestone tracking, Percent-Complete tracking, prioritization, product roadmapping, requirements management, resource management, status tracking, supports agile, supports scrum, task management, and testing / QA management. Software pricing starts at $1.00/month/user. Tuleap offers a free version, and free trial. Some competitor software products to Tuleap include Hansoft, Aha!, and NetSuite.

    Starting Price: $1.00/month/user
  • 22
    ReQtest Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Founded in 2009, ReQtest is a software organization based in Sweden that offers a piece of software called ReQtest. ReQtest offers online support. ReQtest features training via documentation, webinars, and live online. The ReQtest software suite is SaaS software. ReQtest is application lifecycle management software, and includes features such as collaboration, history tracking, prioritization, status reporting, summary reports, To-Do list, traceability, and user defined attributes. Software pricing starts at $6.00/month/user. ReQtest offers a free version, and free trial. Some competitor software products to ReQtest include Hansoft, Visure Requirements, and Orcanos ALM and QMS.

    Starting Price: $6.00/month/user
  • 23
    Nuclio Icon



    Nuclio is a real-time, open source serverless platform, used to minimize development and maintenance overhead and automate the deployment of data-science based applications. The Nuclio processor is real-time: a single Nuclio function processor runs 370,000 function invocations per second (with a simple Go function) and responds in 0.1ms latency, which is 100x faster than most serverless/FaaS solutions. Nuclio has an open architecture which supports many event and data sources and enables fast deployment. It can be consumed either as a self-hosted framework or as a managed service in Iguazio.

  • 24
    PACE Suite Icon

    PACE Suite


    Infopulse is a software company based in Ukraine that was founded in 1991 and offers a software product called PACE Suite. Pricing starts at $1446.00/one-time/user. PACE Suite offers training via documentation. PACE Suite is application lifecycle management software, and includes features such as administrator level control, release management, and task management. PACE Suite offers business hours support. PACE Suite offers a free trial. PACE Suite is available as Windows software. Some alternative products to PACE Suite include Helix ALM, Hansoft, and SpiraTeam.

    Starting Price: $1446.00/one-time/user
  • 25
    Dynatrace Icon



    高清看男人插曲女人视频 Dynatrace is a United States software company that was founded in 2005, and offers a software title called Dynatrace. Dynatrace offers training via documentation, webinars, and in person sessions. Dynatrace offers a free trial. Dynatrace is application lifecycle management software, and includes features such as autodiscovery, dashboard, notifications / alerts, performance monitoring, and query analysis. With regards to system requirements, Dynatrace is available as Windows, Mac, and SaaS software. Dynatrace includes business hours support, and online support. Some alternative products to Dynatrace include Epsagon, Salesforce Platform, and Heimdall Data.

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高清看男人插曲女人视频To keep up with the competition, today's software development works at the fastest pace possible, with deployments multiple times a day in some cases. In order to reach this high-speed pace, software companies must have a plan to manage the software throughout its useful life.

Application lifecycle management, known as ALM, gives companies the information to make the right decisions about how to manage their software efficiently. Knowing what ALM is, its benefits, and how to implement it in your environment is key.

What Is ALM?

Application lifecycle management (ALM) brings together the tools, activities, and people to efficiently manage an application from its inception to the day it is retired. It is similar to the software development lifecycle (SDLC) which focuses mainly on the development of software. In contrast, ALM looks at software's entire lifecycle from development to maintenance to decommissioning.

How ALM works in a given environment can vary according to the software development methodology, such as waterfall, Agile, or DevOps. It may be split into phases or integrated into the process. Despite which development methodology used, ALM has three distinct components: governance, development, and operations.


高清看男人插曲女人视频The governance component involves all decisions about the software. It starts with a basic concept developed by a business case. This is where the original concept gets expanded and tied to specific business strategies. The governance component also covers other aspects including user access, security, and resource management. For companies that have more than one software project, governance also covers managing the portfolio as well.


The development component of the ALM integrates the SDLC. This phase of the software project covers all aspects of its development including planning, design, building, testing, and deploying it. For companies using the waterfall methodology, development is done in stages. For companies using Agile or DevOps, the steps are fully integrated.


Operations is the third component of the ALM, which involves deploying the application and maintaining throughout its lifecycle. For companies using the waterfall methodology, development and operations are completely separate. For companies using Agile or DevOps, they are an integrated, continuous process.

How the ALM works will vary from one company to another. For example, some companies integrate support desk duties into the overall ALM.

The Benefits of Using ALM

Establishes Direction

A well-built ALM plan gives the company and its developers a clear direction on where the app is going before the first line of code is created. The plan includes the developed business case, the resources needed, and the lifespan of the entire application before development starts. This early planning will help manage resources, avoid mistakes, and keep development focused.

Provides speed and agility

An ALM keeps software development focused and on track. This gives the development team the ability to move with speed and agility. It improves communication and keeps the software goals in alignment with the linked business objectives.

Allows for better decisions

As software ages, ALM offers companies the ability to make better decisions. ALM tools include features such as real-time planning and version control. Leaders can create a definitive map for the application's future. If a company has multiple applications to manage, this planning feature becomes even more important.

Application Lifecycle Management Tools

The ALM process is easier if you have the right tools to use.

高清看男人插曲女人视频When selecting ALM tools, you need to have certain features. You want tools that manage requirements, aid with estimation and planning, manage source code, integrate testing and quality assurance, manage deployment, support maintenance, control versions, manage the application portfolio, and integrate communications.

高清看男人插曲女人视频There are many ALM tools on the market, some with more features than others. Your team may opt for multiple tools that work together or a single tool that includes all your requirements.

Why ALM Is Critical

Trying to build an application without ALM in place is like going on a road trip without a destination in mind. It's a waste of time and resources. With ALM in place, your team has a clear direction which greatly speeds up development. It helps the team make better decisions as the application matures. Successful businesses cannot do without it these days.

高清看男人插曲女人视频Because ALM pulls together the people, processes, and tools for the software's entire lifecycle, it allows companies to build software faster and more efficiently.

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