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Types of VoIP

There are many different types of VoIP available to businesses. From Hosted VoIP to Cloud Communications to Wholesale VoIP, there is definitely a solution that will meet your needs. One of the best things about a VoIP phone solution is that it is scalable and flexible, and can easily grow alongside your business. Plus, VoIP comes with different types of plans depending on your calling needs and usage.


高清看男人插曲女人视频With a VoIP phone system, you are more mobile than ever. A business VoIP solution offers flexible options to include users who work in remote offices or are constantly on the go. A majority of business VoIP providers offer free mobile apps for both iOS and Android to keep users connected to their contacts, features, and more within their VoIP phone system. Plus, VoIP presents users with features that help them no matter where they are. Things like call forwarding, find me/follow me, virtual extensions, and more are all catered towards keeping employees connected to their business and nested within the same phone system.

Unlimited and affordable calling

Business VoIP not only gives you the option to choose what type of VoIP is right for you, but also which plan is right for you. Some providers have specific plans for a specific limit of users, while others have a “one size fits all” plan. So before shopping for business VoIP, you should ask yourself: “What are my calling habits and where do I call to?” If you use your phone system sporadically, then a Pay As You Go or Metered Plan might be best, where you are charged per­minute on the calls you make. If you’re constantly on the phone, then an Unlimited Plan is your best bet. Furthermore, some providers also offer international calling plans if you make calls overseas.

Do I want a contract or no contract?

There are benefits to both. Choosing a long­term contract with your business VoIP provider can help you secure a cheaper rate per month,and can sometimes provide you with free equipment. A month­to­month contract is more flexible and does not lock you into a specific service provider.

Do I need an unlimited plan or a pay as you go plan?

Your choice of plan depends on your business and your calling habits. If you use your phone infrequently, a Metered or Pay As You Go option may be a good option and may end up costing you little in the long run. If you are a regular caller, Unlimited plans are a great option, and are still very affordable.

What features are important to my business?

One of the biggest perks of choosing a business VoIP plan is that a number of call management and collaboration features are included. Ensure that the provider you choose has all the features that are important to your business. Features like call hold, call forwarding, conference calling, and more should all be on your list to make for a productive and efficient business phone system.

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